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19th October 201719:30League Committee Meeting
7th December 201719:30League Committee Meeting
22nd February 201819:30League Committee Meeting
5th April 201819:30League Committee Meeting
13th May 201811:00Annual League Meeting 2018 @ Tiverton Rugby Club

Latest News

19th SepTeam Withdrawals

Clevedon 2 and City of Bath 3 have withdrawn from their prospective divisions. Hopefully all opposition have been informed accordingly.

19th SepUpdate on Handbooks

I have been informed that the handbooks will be delivered to me on Wed 20 Sep and I will endeavour to get these to you by the end of the week. Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay but this has been totally outside of my control.

7th SepNew Season Handbooks

Due to circumstances beyond my control the handbooks will not be delivered to me until mid-late next week: I will get these out to clubs as soon as I can. All the information you need should be available on the website although currently there is not a full set of 2017-18 Regulations under the Information tab; however the changes to the 2017-18 regulations are there. This season's regulations will be uploaded to the site once received by me. If you have any queries please contact your league secretary who should be able to help you.

6th SepUmpires Qualifications / Using Candidates

Clubs must ensure any umpires they use are suitably qualified, before they umpire the game and that is the only interest we have with them. You are reminded that the use of candidate umpires is only allowed in Divisions 2 and below and only one per match as per Regulation 8a ii). If you have any issues about the standard of umpiring these should be directed to your County Umpiring Association

6th SepMatch start Times

Clubs must ensure times on the website clearly reflect the correct start time of the match. In the event the start time of a match is changed after it has been confirmed with your opposition you must ensure you contact them and get confirmation, in writing, that they have this new time. DO NOT assume that they will just happen to check the site to see if the time has changed as there is every likelihood they won’t. The onus is on you as the home team to make sure the information is correct and up to date.

31st AugEntering Match Results on website

Please ensure this information is passed on to all you team captains/vice captains. As detailed previously it is now the responsibility of both the home and away teams to enter the match result on the website by 8.00pm on the day of the game. Each team needs to enter their club's administration area and the opportunity to enter the result will come up on the screen. Only when both teams have entered the result will it appear of the home page of the website.

13th AugUpdating Club Information on the Website

Currently there are 33 clubs who have not updated their club information. As a condition of being part of the league all clubs must update this by the end of November in any one season; failure to do so will incur a fine of £25. If your information is still the same can you still please log in and access the input page as this will register that someone has been in. Clubs are also asked to keep this as up to date as possible throughout the season as many clubs use this information as a means of contact for their opposition.

13th AugMatch Report Forms

It was agreed at the ALM that we would no longer have match report books printed, in order to reduce our printing costs. Match report forms are available to download from the Information & Downloads section found under the Information tab at the top of the front page of our website. Please ensure your captains have sufficient copies of these to cover all their home league matches and that they allow their opposition to take a copy of the completed form after the match for their records. If you still have pages in your current match report book and wish to use these up please feel free to do so but once they have run out you will need to download forms as above.

13th AugNew Captain's Guide - to be used in conjunction with Match Report Sheets

An updated copy of the Captain's guide is attached which reflects changes agreed at the ALM. This should be printed off and given to all captains in your club and used in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

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6th AugTeams entering match results on to the website

It was agreed at the ALM that teams will be responsible for entering their results on the website from the start of the 2017-18 season. Instructions on the process of doing this will be advised to clubs shortly.
For information both home and away teams need to enter the result (this ensures the result is correct) and it will not appear on the front page until both teams have confirmed this. Failure to enter this by 8pm on the day of the match will incur a fine of £10 for the team (home or away) who fails to enter the result. Do not text/phone the result to your secretary.

8th JulRegulation Changes for 2017-18 Season

The changes to the League Regulations for 2017-18 are now available in the Information section. The full regulation section will be uploaded to the website when it is available from the printers.

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8th JulPlayer Transfer Form (Updated July 17)

The Player Transfer Form has been updated to reflect the change made, allowing Club Captains to sign the form.

This only relates to players who have played any league matches during the current season for the club they wish to leave and does not relate to pre-season registration of players. The form needs to be printed off and once completed by the ‘leaving’ club it needs to go the ‘joining’ club, preferably by scanning and emailing it. Once the ‘joining’ club has completed their section it needs to be scanned and emailed to ALL the relevant secretaries for the division(s) your team(s) play in.

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6th JulUpdating Club Information

Clubs are reminded they need to update their information on the website no later than 16 November 2017. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £25 (see Regulation 4 b) iii). However, changes should be actioned as soon as they happen so the information is kept up to date.

28th JunFixtures 2017-18 Now Available

The fixtures for the coming season are now available to download using the Fixtures tab on the home page.

Our leagues are of different sizes and if you have more than 1 team there may be instances where fixtures clash for whatever reason. If they do you can ask your opposition if they will swap the home and away fixtures. If they agree BOTH teams must put any changes IN WRITING, VIA EMAIL to your League Secretary as soon as possible so that the relevant fixtures can be amended on the website.

Also, clubs are reminded that you can always bring the date of a game forward but you cannot play it after the set date even if your opposition says they are happy to do so. The only exception to this is adverse weather conditions on the day of the game.

If your team is in an 8 team league you will play your opposition 3 times and in a 6 team league you will play 4 times, in order to get a fair number of games.

Names changes : Clifton HC is now known as Clifton Robinsons HC and Wootton Bassett HC is now Royal Wootton Bassett HC.

24th FebBad Weather Advice

Travelling/pitch conditions are the responsiblity of both teams. The home team should follow the advice given in the relevant section of the Regulations in the handbook. However, away teams can contact their opposition before travelling to ask for an update.

23rd Sep (2016)Re-arranging Fixtures

You are reminded that all league matches need to be played on the set date or before - they cannot be played after (even if both teams agree). Please see regulation 7 a) ii on page 125 of the new pink handbook or the Regulations section available on the Information tab on the website. The league dates are sent out to clubs with the ALM paperwork in April and the fixtures are out by early July. There is plenty of time in the run up to the start of the season for clubs to work out if there are going to be issues with any of these dates and plan accordingly.

18th Sep (2016)The Hockey Museum Website

A reminder to clubs about the Hockey Museum website - their link is in our Links section on the website.

18th Sep (2016)Red Cards and MMOs - Updated Information - September 2016

There have been some changes to the Red Card Regulations from September 2016, which are available in the Information section of the website. Please ensure your club is up to date with these changes.

16th Aug (2016)Captain's Guide - in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

A copy of the Captain's guide is attached. This should be printed off and given to all captains in your club and used in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

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9th Mar (2016)The Hockey Museum

Many of you may not be aware of The Hockey Museum. As an organisation they continue to work hard to try and get the message out about the importance of saving, preserving and celebrating hockey’s great heritage; this is something anyone involved in hockey should be passionate about. In support of this, we hope that you will visit their website, read their newsletters and, where possible, contribute to their aims. Their website address is www.hockeymuseum.net although there is now a link under the Links sections at the top of the home page

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