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12th May 201911:00Annual League Meeting @ Tiverton Rugby Club

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20th JunFixtures 2018-19

The paperwork has gone off to have our fixtures produced; I hope to have these back fairly shortly and will send them out as soon as I can.

14th JunError on the Structure Document for 2018-19

It has been pointed out to me there were 2 errors involving 2 teams in Berkeley Divisions 1 and 2 (South Glos and North Wilts 2) - this has been amended and the corrected file is attached.

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10th JunStructure for 2018-19 - please see corrected news item above

Attached is the structure for the 2018-19 season. Apologies for the short notice but I intend to send this off on Monday 18 June to have the fixtures created. We have made Channel league a one division league of 11 rather than 2 small divisions. We have made Wessex 2 divisions of 12 rather than 3 divisions of 11, 8 and 5.

19th MayLeague Treasurer - Vacancy

Issy Gray, our current League Treasurer, will be leaving the Committee at the end of the 2018-19 season and as such we are looking for someone to take over this role. Details of the role are listed in the attached document. If you are interested please contact Su Yeoman, League Secretary for further details.

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13th MayGDPR Compliance

Clubs are reminded that they need to be GDPR compliant by 25 May. I know a lot of you are already on the case but if you need any help there is a link to an article on the England Hockey website which will give you details of what needs to be done.

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13th MayImportant Information from the ALM

At today's ALM it was decided that our small handbooks will no longer be produced. This was partly due to the cost, this is by far and away our largest expense along with the resulting postage, but also the fact that everything produced in the handbook is available on the website. It will be down to clubs to keep their information up to date on a regular basis.

19th AprLeague Dates for 2018-19 Season

The dates for next season can be found under the Information tab above under Information & Downloads.

23rd MarUse of Offensive Language

It has been brought to my attention that offensive language was heard during a match in the vicinity of young players. I understand this can sometimes be due to player frustration but clubs are reminded that all players (and supporters) should demonstrate the highest standard of behaviour before, during and after a game. Please treat everyone involved in your game with the respect they deserve.

24th FebRe-Arranged Fixtures - Reminders of what action should be taken

Clubs are reminded that postponed fixtures need to be re-arranged within 14 days of the date of the original match and your league secretary should be advised in writing of the new date. Your league secretary should also be notified of the postponement no later than 7pm on the day of the game other wise you will incur a fine of 10 pounds. Also, some of you need to visit the website and where you would enter the result you should note that the game was postponed.

21st JanUmpires

We have had a few issues recently with umpires at matches. Clubs are reminded to read the Umpires - Guidance to Clubs Document (in conjunction with Regulation 8 in the handbook) both of which can be found in the Information & Downloads section above please.

15th JanData Protection Act - New Regulations from May 2018

Some of you may be aware that the Data Protection Act is being replaced by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018.

This will increase the regulation in this area and may require clubs and associations to change the way they process personal details provided by their members. If you already have good data protection processes in place you may find that the changes are relatively small but the new regulations will increase the potential penalties if you are not adopting good practices.

We are working on the implications of the new Regulations and will get guidance out as soon as possible but some key definitions have yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime the Sport and Recreation Alliance has issued some good generic guidance which can be found under the Information & Downloads tab above.

6th Sep (2017)Umpires Qualifications / Using Candidates

Clubs must ensure any umpires they use are suitably qualified, before they umpire the game and that is the only interest we have with them. You are reminded that the use of candidate umpires is only allowed in Divisions 2 and below and only one per match as per Regulation 8a ii). If you have any issues about the standard of umpiring these should be directed to your County Umpiring Association

6th Sep (2017)Match start Times

Clubs must ensure times on the website clearly reflect the correct start time of the match. In the event the start time of a match is changed after it has been confirmed with your opposition you must ensure you contact them and get confirmation, in writing, that they have this new time. DO NOT assume that they will just happen to check the site to see if the time has changed as there is every likelihood they won’t. The onus is on you as the home team to make sure the information is correct and up to date.

13th Aug (2017)Updating Club Information on the Website

Currently there are 33 clubs who have not updated their club information. As a condition of being part of the league all clubs must update this by the end of November in any one season; failure to do so will incur a fine of £25. If your information is still the same can you still please log in and access the input page as this will register that someone has been in. Clubs are also asked to keep this as up to date as possible throughout the season as many clubs use this information as a means of contact for their opposition.

13th Aug (2017)Match Report Forms

It was agreed at the ALM that we would no longer have match report books printed, in order to reduce our printing costs. Match report forms are available to download from the Information & Downloads section found under the Information tab at the top of the front page of our website. Please ensure your captains have sufficient copies of these to cover all their home league matches and that they allow their opposition to take a copy of the completed form after the match for their records. If you still have pages in your current match report book and wish to use these up please feel free to do so but once they have run out you will need to download forms as above.

13th Aug (2017)New Captain's Guide - to be used in conjunction with Match Report Sheets

An updated copy of the Captain's guide is attached which reflects changes agreed at the ALM. This should be printed off and given to all captains in your club and used in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

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23rd Sep (2016)Re-arranging Fixtures

You are reminded that all league matches need to be played on the set date or before - they cannot be played after (even if both teams agree). Please see regulation 7 a) ii on page 125 of the new pink handbook or the Regulations section available on the Information tab on the website. The league dates are sent out to clubs with the ALM paperwork in April and the fixtures are out by early July. There is plenty of time in the run up to the start of the season for clubs to work out if there are going to be issues with any of these dates and plan accordingly.

18th Sep (2016)The Hockey Museum Website

A reminder to clubs about the Hockey Museum website - their link is in our Links section on the website.

18th Sep (2016)Red Cards and MMOs - Updated Information - September 2016

There have been some changes to the Red Card Regulations from September 2016, which are available in the Information section of the website. Please ensure your club is up to date with these changes.

16th Aug (2016)Captain's Guide - in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

A copy of the Captain's guide is attached. This should be printed off and given to all captains in your club and used in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

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9th Mar (2016)The Hockey Museum

Many of you may not be aware of The Hockey Museum. As an organisation they continue to work hard to try and get the message out about the importance of saving, preserving and celebrating hockey’s great heritage; this is something anyone involved in hockey should be passionate about. In support of this, we hope that you will visit their website, read their newsletters and, where possible, contribute to their aims. Their website address is www.hockeymuseum.net although there is now a link under the Links sections at the top of the home page

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