West Clubs Women's Hockey League
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Data/Privacy Policy
West Clubs Women's Hockey League
West Clubs Women's Hockey League
Public Area
Data/Privacy Policy

Data Protection Officer

The West Clubs Women's Hockey League has a Data Protection Officer, who may change from time to time. They can be contacted at dpo@wcwhl.co.uk.

Purposes of the Processing

Your data will be used for the purposes of notifying you of relevant information about the league and fixtures.

Secure Transmission

The entire web system is running with encryption so that all data transmitted between your computer or other device and the server is secure.

Categories of personal data

We will treat the following items of information as “personal”:

Your contact details (name, address, email address(es), phone numbers)

Contact Information

Any contact information that you provide to the League will be only be used for the following purposes:

To enable the League and others to contact you regarding the league and league fixtures. This may include automated emails to remind you to take actions through your personal area, depending on whether you are a registered club or team contact.

To show the contact details you choose to clubs in order for them to contact you.

Each item of your contact information (email address, home, work and mobile phone numbers) can be set as being open to the public, only to people with whom you have a future match interest in common or only to league administrators.

For some of your personal information there is a requirement for you to provide us with this and for it to be open to the public in order that the business of the League can be properly conducted.

Sharing of Information

In some instances the League may be required to disclose information to the appropriate National Governing Bodies in order to fully comply with the business of the League.

Any personal data will not be shared with, or passed to, any other organisations.

Retention period

Your data will be retained until you request for us to remove it.

Right to Withdraw Consent

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time. You can do this through your personal area on the web site. This will trigger the removal of your details.

Failure to Consent

If you do not consent to your details being stored, or withdraw your consent, your personal details will be removed.


You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office in the UK if you deem that your personal information has been mis-used in any way.

Contractual Requirement

The provision of personal data is part of a contractual requirement to use the personal area and/or administration area of the web site

Match Report Forms

Names of players and umpires are recorded on match report forms which are submitted electronically to the League and held in a secure environment for examination and investigation by League Secretaries as required.

This data is held until the end of the season to which it refers and will then be deleted. The presumption is that a club has the consent of its members to provide this information as the business of the League cannot be conducted without it and the club would be in breach of the League rules if it was not supplied.