West Clubs Women's Hockey League Logo
Berkeley Division 2
=1stBAC 20000000000000
=1stBad'n & Puck0000000000000
=1stBrisWestJasp 20000000000000
=1stKnowle 20000000000000
=1stRedland 30000000000000
=1stSouth Glos. 20000000000000
=1stWick 20000000000000
=1stWotton u. Edge 30000000000000
=1stYate 30000000000000

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

Forthcoming Matches
24 Oct10:00Bad'n & PuckvKnowle 2Yate Sports Complex (BS37 7LB)
12:00HanhamvWotton u. Edge 3Abbeywood Community School (BS34 8SF)
13:00Redland 3vBrisWestJasp 2University of West of England, Centre for Sport (BS16 1QY)
13:15South Glos. 2vBAC 2Bradley Stoke Community School (BS32 9BS)
11:30Wick 2vYate 3Metropolitan College
31 Oct11:15Knowle 2vWick 2Merchants Academy (BS13 9BL)
7 Nov12:00HanhamvWick 2Abbeywood Community School (BS34 8SF)
14 Nov11:30Wick 2vBAC 2Metropolitan College
21 Nov13:00Redland 3vWick 2University of West of England, Centre for Sport (BS16 1QY)
28 Nov11:30Wick 2vBrisWestJasp 2Metropolitan College
5 Dec13:15South Glos. 2vWick 2Bradley Stoke Community School (BS32 9BS)
16 Jan11:45Wotton u. Edge 3vWick 2Wotton Sports Centre (GL12 8RB)
23 Jan10:00Bad'n & PuckvWick 2Yate Sports Complex (BS37 7LB)
30 Jan11:30Yate 3vWick 2Yate Sports Complex (BS37 7LB)
6 Feb11:30Wick 2vKnowle 2Metropolitan College
27 Feb11:30Wick 2vHanhamMetropolitan College
6 Mar10:30BAC 2vWick 2Abbeywood Community School (BS34 8SF)
13 Mar11:30Wick 2vRedland 3Metropolitan College
20 Mar10:15BrisWestJasp 2vWick 2The Ridings Federation Winterbourne International Academy (BS36 1JL)
10 Apr11:30Wick 2vSouth Glos. 2Metropolitan College
17 Apr09:30Wick 2vWotton u. Edge 3Metropolitan College
24 Apr11:30Wick 2vBad'n & PuckMetropolitan College