West Clubs Women's Hockey League

West Clubs Women's Hockey League

West Clubs Women's Hockey League

Weekly Results

Petroc Division 2
Exe 51-6Teign 3
Trelawney Division 1
Camborne SOM3-1Caradon 2
Falmouth 23-0Mannamead
Truro0-4Newquay 2
Trelawney Division 2
Plymouth Marjon 50-6Plym Valley 2

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News from England Hockey

Recent News Items ...

20th October 2017
Withdrawal of Old Bristolians 5

For those clubs in Brunel that are not aware Old Bristolians have withdrawn their 5th team from our league.

25th September 2017
Nominated Players

Clubs are reminded that a list of nominated players should be sent to the relevant Divisional/Regional secretaries by 1 October. Please see Regulation 7f) for the full criteria.

Entering Results via Mobiles

I understand there have been a few issues with entering match results on the website via mobiles. We are looking into this but would ask that once you have entered the result you close it down then re-enter the site to check it has been recorded properly.

19th September 2017
Team Withdrawals

Clevedon 2 and City of Bath 3 have withdrawn from their prospective divisions. Hopefully all opposition have been informed accordingly.

6th September 2017
Umpires Qualifications / Using Candidates

Clubs must ensure any umpires they use are suitably qualified, before they umpire the game and that is the only interest we have with them. You are reminded that the use of candidate umpires is only allowed in Divisions 2 and below and only one per match as per Regulation 8a ii). If you have any ...
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Match start Times

Clubs must ensure times on the website clearly reflect the correct start time of the match. In the event the start time of a match is changed after it has been confirmed with your opposition you must ensure you contact them and get confirmation, in writing, that they have this new time. DO NOT ...
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31st August 2017
Entering Match Results on website

Please ensure this information is passed on to all you team captains/vice captains. As detailed previously it is now the responsibility of both the home and away teams to enter the match result on the website by 8.00pm on the day of the game. Each team needs to enter their club's administration ...
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13th August 2017
Updating Club Information on the Website

Currently there are 33 clubs who have not updated their club information. As a condition of being part of the league all clubs must update this by the end of November in any one season; failure to do so will incur a fine of £25. If your information is still the same can you still please log in and ...
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Match Report Forms

It was agreed at the ALM that we would no longer have match report books printed, in order to reduce our printing costs. Match report forms are available to download from the Information & Downloads section found under the Information tab at the top of the front page of our website. Please ...
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New Captain's Guide - to be used in conjunction with Match Report Sheets ...(with link - click here)

An updated copy of the Captain's guide is attached which reflects changes agreed at the ALM. This should be printed off and given to all captains in your club and used in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

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Fixtures Waiting to be Arranged by Clubs ...

Premier Division 2A(Match Number 190)Jaspers v Lansdown
East Division(Match Number 465)Marlborough v Team Bath Buccaneers 3
Berkeley Division 3(Match Number 915)Lydney 3 v Wick 2
Channel Division 1(Match Number 1260)Gillingham 2 v Poole
Wessex Division 1(Match Number 2350)West Wilts 2 v Team Bath Buccaneers 4
Wessex Division 2(Match Number 2446)West Wilts 3 v Corsham 2

Forthcoming Events ...

22nd February 201819:30League Committee Meeting
5th April 201819:30League Committee Meeting
13th May 201811:00Annual League Meeting 2018 @ Tiverton Rugby Club

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