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7th May 201711:00Annual League Meeting @ Tiverton Rugby Club

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13th AprTrophies Winners - Presentation at ALM

As usual we will be presenting the trophies to the league winners at our ALM on 7 May. If a team from your club has won their league please ensure that someone is there on then day to collect the trophy otherwise the club will be fined £25 for non attendance and deducted 2 points at the start of next season (as per our regulations).

13th AprAnnual League Meeting - Sunday 7 May 2017

The Annual League Meeting will take place on Sunday 7 May at Tiverton Rugby Club, starting at 1100. The meeting is an opportunity for you, amongst other things, to vote on the proposed rule changes and we hope to see as many clubs represented on the day as possible. The relevant paperwork will be send out to the contact I have for your club in the next day or so.

24th FebBad Weather Advice

Travelling/pitch conditions are the responsiblity of both teams. The home team should follow the advice given in the relevant section of the Regulations in the handbook. However, away teams can contact their opposition before travelling to ask for an update.

24th FebRelegation from National League to Premier 1

As has happened in the previous 2 seasons, as it currently stands, 2 teams could be relegated from National League to our league at the end of the season.

Should the bottom 2 teams in the National League come down to our league it will mean that 3 teams will be relegated from Premier 1 as the league will be oversubscribed. If only 1 team comes down to our league then the standard relegation of 2 teams will take place.

20th FebUpdated Disciplinary Administrators 2017

Lesley Bennett has taken over the role of Regional Disciplinary Administrator with immediate effect.There have also been some changes to the County Disciplinary Administrators. Please see section 23 in the Information & Downloads folder under the Information Tab for this update. Clubs are reminded that any yellow and red cards issued to their players should be reported in the first instance to the County Disciplinary Administrator and not Lesley.

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2nd FebWessex League Secretary

Janie will be standing down as Wessex League Secretary after our May ALM, after 11 seasons. As such we are looking for someone to take on this role and you do not need to be based in the Wessex area to take it on. The role involves receiving match results and entering them on the website, checking players are correctly registered and umpires are suitably qualified to officiate our games; issuing fines where necessary and also deal with any queries clubs may have. Realistically it shouldn't take up more than a few hours each week. The League Secretary and Regional Secretaries are on hand to help you if you have any queries or issues. Our committee meetings are on a Thursday night in Taunton - October, December, February and April and our ALM is in May. It is not an issue if you are not able to make the committee meetings. For further information please contact Su Yeoman, League Sec or Janie Bullis, Wessex Sec. The future of the Wessex league is dependent on someone volunteering - without a secretary the league cannot run.

5th Dec (2016)Updating Club Information on a regular basis

You are asked that as and when any changes occur with the information on the website for your club that it is updated as soon as possible please. It needs to be kept up to date so that anyone accessing it has the correct information in front of them. Many thanks.

23rd Sep (2016)Re-arranging Fixtures

You are reminded that all league matches need to be played on the set date or before - they cannot be played after (even if both teams agree). Please see regulation 7 a) ii on page 125 of the new pink handbook or the Regulations section available on the Information tab on the website. The league dates are sent out to clubs with the ALM paperwork in April and the fixtures are out by early July. There is plenty of time in the run up to the start of the season for clubs to work out if there are going to be issues with any of these dates and plan accordingly.

18th Sep (2016)The Hockey Museum Website

A reminder to clubs about the Hockey Museum website - their link is in our Links section on the website.

18th Sep (2016)Red Cards and MMOs - Updated Information - September 2016

There have been some changes to the Red Card Regulations from September 2016, which are available in the Information section of the website. Please ensure your club is up to date with these changes.

17th Aug (2016)Regulation 8 Umpires - Updated Guidance to Clubs - Please Read

Clubs are reminded of the Umpires Guidance sheet which has been updated and is attached to this news item. In particular please pay attention to paragraph 3 relating to the Active Umpire Status.

Please ensure all your teams are fully aware of the contents of this; to be read in conjunction with Regulation 8 in the current handbook.

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16th Aug (2016)Player Transfer Forms

The following only relates to players who have played any league matches during the current season for the club they wish to leave and does not relate to pre-season registration of players. It was agreed at the ALM in May that the only way players could transfer clubs is by completing a Player Transfer Form available to download from the website. This form is now available online. The form needs to be printed off and once completed by the ‘leaving’ club it needs to go the ‘joining’ club, preferably by scanning and emailing it. Once the ‘joining’ club has completed their section it needs to be scanned and emailed to ALL the relevant secretaries for the division(s) your team(s) play in.

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16th Aug (2016)Captain's Guide - in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

A copy of the Captain's guide is attached. This should be printed off and given to all captains in your club and used in conjunction with the Match Report Sheets

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13th Aug (2016)New Online Match Report Form

At the ALM in May it was agreed that we would create a match report form and upload it to the website, which we have now done. The vast majority of clubs still have sufficient sheets to see them through the coming season and you are more than welcome to continue using your current books until they run out. The idea behind putting the form on the website is to give clubs the opportunity to use the new sheet in the 2016-17 season, if they wish, before we go to using the website form only from the 2017-18 season onwards.
There are a few changes; the main one is where entering the goals scorers is concerned. We have taken out the boxes at the bottom and instead there is a column, to the right of where any cards are recorded, where you just put the total number of goals any particular player scored.
As there is only one copy of the form, once completed the opposition will need to have the opportunity to take a photo of this for their own records.
If you choose to use the new form it is recommended that each captain has sufficient copies to cover the whole of the season, plus some extras, and to keep them in their bag as they would the match report book.

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9th Mar (2016)The Hockey Museum

Many of you may not be aware of The Hockey Museum. As an organisation they continue to work hard to try and get the message out about the importance of saving, preserving and celebrating hockey’s great heritage; this is something anyone involved in hockey should be passionate about. In support of this, we hope that you will visit their website, read their newsletters and, where possible, contribute to their aims. Their website address is www.hockeymuseum.net although there is now a link under the Links sections at the top of the home page

4th Jan (2016)Candidate Umpires

Clubs are reminded that the use of candidate umpires is only allowed in Divisions 2 and below and only one per match as per Regulation 8a ii)

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