West Clubs Women's Hockey League

West Clubs Women's Hockey League

West Clubs Women's Hockey League

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17th September 2014

I am aware that the handbooks are very late this season; they will be despatched this week from the printers. If you need any information that you can't get from the website please let me know and I should be able to sort it for you.

15th September 2014
Cheltenham Civil Service 2nd Team - Withdrawal

Cheltenham Civil Service have withdrawn their 2nd team from our league. Any teams due to play them in the coming weeks should already have been advised by them of this.

Disciplinary Officers

Details of the Disciplinary Officers for 2014-15 can be found under the Information Section, Web Handbook and Downloads.

3rd September 2014

Clubs must ensure any umpires they use are suitably qualified before they umpire the game and that is the only interest we have with them. Any issues about the standard of umpiring should be directed to your County Umpiring Association

Start Times of Matches

Clubs must ensure times on the website clearly reflect the correct start time of the match. In the event the start time of a match is changed after it has been confirmed with your opposition please ensure you contact them and get confirmation that they have this new time (preferably by email so you ...
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3G and 4G Pitches

Clubs who have a 3G or 4G pitch are reminded that they need to ensure the pitch is of the correct standard for hockey and to ensure the certificate to use this pitch is in date. Details of all 3G and 4G pitches can be found on the FIH website. Failure to use a certified and in date pitch would ...
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1st September 2014
Electronic Match Reports v Match Report Books / Handbooks

Following on from the email sent requesting clubs' preference for match reporting there were insufficient responses from clubs to get a majority vote. Therefore we have stayed with providing the match report books. The new ones (of which 99% will be issued ready for the 2015-16 season) will last 2 ...
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25th August 2014
Regulation 8b - Appointed Umpires

There seems to be a little confusion over the new regulation concerning appointed umpires. Umpires will continue to be appointed to the Premier 1 division by the West Umpiring Sub Committee.
The change in the regulation applies to Premier 2 divisions and below. In these divisions clubs can provide ...
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Registration of Players

Please note there is no need for clubs to send their players registrations to Su Yeoman, however, these must be sent to all the relevant secretaries for the leagues your teams play in.

16th August 2014
Registration Paperwork 2014-15 Season

I sent the registration paperwork to the person I have as the league contact for your club (as per the handbook information sheets sent to me from your club in June/July, and not those listed on this website) 9 days ago. This is a friendly reminder that this needs to be completed and sent to all ...
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