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7th June 2015
Urgently Required - Severn Division Secretary

We currently have a vacancy for the post of Severn Division secretary. Without a volunteer we will not be able to run this division this coming season. The secretary is responsible for entering match results on the website, checking match report sheets each week (ensuring players are correctly ...
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23rd April 2015
EH Coaching Pathway

The changes to England Hockey’s Coaching Pathway were announced on March 31st. All the information you need can be found by using the links ...
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Hospitality Venues on Club Pages

A number of clubs have asked about putting hospitality venues on the website. Please use the ‘Clubhouse’ section on your club’s page to enter the venue where you have your post match teas. Please ensure this is kept up to date.

16th April 2015
EH Rule Changes 2015-16

After consultation EH has decided that all of the new Rules are to be introduced throughout the game on 1 Jul 2015, with the exception that the new rule that relates to the ‘green card’ and to the ‘use of the stick above the shoulder’ are not introduced in small sided junior hockey (specifically ...
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15th March 2015
Match Start times

Clubs are reminded that the match start times on the website need to reflect the times given to their opposition. If the start time changes at all the opposition need to be informed by email/telephone and the home needs to ensure they have confirmation from the away team that they are aware of the ...
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Team Colours

Away clubs are reminded they need to check the colour of the home team's kit, including socks, to ensure they aren't playing in the same/similar colours. It is the away team's responsibility to ensure an alternative strip is used if there is.

Providing 2 Umpires for a Match

Clubs need to be aware that in the case where the home team is providing both umpires - if one of these becomes unavailable at short notice and the away team cannot get a replacement the remaining umpire will be assigned to the away team. It is the home team's responsibility to find the replacement ...
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