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24th April 2014
Annual League Meeting - 18 May

A friendly reminder that the Annual League Meeting will take place on Sunday 18 May at Tiverton Rugby Club. Full information will be sent out to your club contact early next week. League winners are reminded that they need to collect their trophy; failure to do so will incur a £25 fine (per ...
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27th March 2014
AOL Email Problems

Since the migration to the new hosting platform, email messages to any AOL accounts are being rejected by AOL.
We have been trying to perform all the steps necessary for AOL to accept messages from the domains used on the site but, to date, these have not been successful. The only email system ...
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19th March 2014
Committee Vacancy for a League Secretary

We will have a vacancy in the 2014-15 season for a league secretary for the Severn League, without whom the League cannot run. The role involves, on a weekly basis, checking match report sheets and dealing with any queries that may arise within the league and attending 4 committee meetings ...
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16th January 2014
Level 1 Coaching Assistant Award Courses

Bookings are now being taken for the remaining four Level 1 Coaching Assistant Award Courses to be held in the West before the end of June. The next course in the West will start in September.

Old Bristolians Sports Club, Bristol
Dates are:
Monday 24th February 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Sunday 2nd ...
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9th December 2013
Level 2 Coach Award Courses’

The programme of Level 2 courses around the country is now almost finalised with courses organised so that nearly everyone in the West should be able to access a course within 2 hours travelling time. There are courses available in Birmingham, Worcester, Oxford, BRISTOL, EXETER and Basingstoke ...
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6th December 2013
Match Report Books - Page Colours

There is still confusion with some clubs as to which colour sheet should be the top copy (i.e. the one you send to your league secretary).
If you are using the new ones with the colour sequence of White, Pink and Yellow - the top copy is the WHITE one.
If you are still using the old books with ...
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17th November 2013
Mary Eyre 1923-2013

It is with great sadness that England Hockey reports the death of Mary Eyre, MBE, who died in hospital on Thursday 7 November aged 89.

Mary was one of the greats of women’s hockey in the mid 20th Century; not only did she play for England 16 times between 1945 and 1951, scoring 17 goals, but she ...
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7th October 2013
Player Transfer Forms

Clubs are reminded that Player Transfer Forms can be found at the back of the Match Report Book.

Replacement Match Report Books

A number of teams have recently asked for a replacement match report book. All clubs were issued with sufficient books for each of their teams in 2011 – either they were collected at the ALM that year or posted to the person who was then the club contact. Any new team joining the league will have ...
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28th September 2013
Match Start Times on Website

A request to those clubs who have not put their match start times on the website - could I please ask that you do. However, this must not take the place of contacting your opposition by phone as you would normally do to confirm matches. Also if the start time changes for any reason please ensure ...
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Forthcoming Events ...

18th May 2014Annual League Meeting @ Tiverton Rugby Club
The Annual League Meeting will take place on 18 May 2014 at Tiverton Rugby Club starting at 1100.

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