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25th August 2014
Regulation 8b - Appointed Umpires

There seems to be a little confusion over the new regulation concerning appointed umpires. Umpires will continue to be appointed to the Premier 1 division by the West Umpiring Sub Committee.
The change in the regulation applies to Premier 2 divisions and below. In these divisions clubs can provide ...
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Registration of Players

Please note there is no need for clubs to send their players registrations to Su Yeoman, however, these must be sent to all the relevant secretaries for the leagues your teams play in.

16th August 2014
Registration Paperwork 2014-15 Season

I sent the registration paperwork to the person I have as the league contact for your club (as per the handbook information sheets sent to me from your club in June/July, and not those listed on this website) 9 days ago. This is a friendly reminder that this needs to be completed and sent to all ...
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27th July 2014
Regulation Changes 2014-15 Season - Important Please Read ... (with image)

The changes to the regulations for next season can be found under the Information box at the top on this page under Web Handbook and Downloads. Please see below some Guidance Notes to help you with regard to Regulation 8 Umpires, and particularly relating to Appointed Umpires. Please ensure this ...
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25th July 2014
Club Information

A reminder that if you haven't already done so can you please ensure you update your club information on the website. If you cannot remember your password please email me, Su Yeoman, and I will reset it for you. Many thanks.

15th July 2014
Teams Playing in an 8 team league

Please note that if you play in an 8 team league you will play your opposition 3 times during the season. By doing this it means you have 21 games instead of 14. The leagues affected are:
Berkeley 2
Berkeley 3
Brunel 3
Channel 1
Sedgemoor 2
Severn 3
Wessex 2
Wessex 3

9th December 2013
Level 2 Coach Award Courses’

The programme of Level 2 courses around the country is now almost finalised with courses organised so that nearly everyone in the West should be able to access a course within 2 hours travelling time. There are courses available in Birmingham, Worcester, Oxford, BRISTOL, EXETER and Basingstoke ...
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17th November 2013
Mary Eyre 1923-2013

It is with great sadness that England Hockey reports the death of Mary Eyre, MBE, who died in hospital on Thursday 7 November aged 89.

Mary was one of the greats of women’s hockey in the mid 20th Century; not only did she play for England 16 times between 1945 and 1951, scoring 17 goals, but she ...
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1st January 2013
Registering New Players

Clubs are reminded that you are responsible for checking that any new players wishing to join your club have not played for another team in our league since the start of the season. If they have played for another league team a player transfer form must be completed (found at the back of your match ...
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Inactive Umpires

Clubs are reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure that any umpires you use are on the EH active list BEFORE using them for a league fixture.

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